Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Redefining My New Normal

Well, I did it.

I  took myself out of my comfort zone and I'm ready to redefine my life.  Having had a relapse from cancer and have battled it twice, I never realized the strength I had.

Not only was it a physical battle but a mental one. And even though each day I'm faced with one battle or another I keep fighting on. Self esteem has been one of those issues but Rodan + Fields is helping me along the way to feeling more confident with myself. Chemo combined with a stem-cell transplant really took a toll on my body, especially my skin. So what better way than to rejuvenate and redefine the new healthier me than with Rodan + Fields. 

If you want to know more about my journey and Rodan + Fields visit my 

Embrace this new journey and REDEFINE your life.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Changing Lives for the Better...Especially Mine

I'm so excited. I've always stayed safe, never wanted to step out of that comfort zone.

And I'm not really sure what changed. Maybe my weight loss has played a role and has given me back my confidence. Life after cancer, especially a relapse, is a constant battle. There is always that constant fear no matter how small that it will return again. Everything about that experience has changed me in one way or another.

Through my ups and downs I'm realizing my strength. And with that strength comes confidence and ambition. My confidence and ambition is taking me on a new journey that I can't wait to share with everyone.

I finally feel ready to embrace this new normal and this time I'm going to rock it by changing lives, especially mine.

More to come!!! Stay tuned!!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Each New Day and Finding Your Peace

Hi all, my blogs are getting fewer and fewer but when I'm moved by something or someone, I have to blog about it. So here I am again speaking with a little 'peace' of my heart.

Each new day brings something new. Each new day can be a good one or it can start out to be a bad one. Typically, you can choose which way that day goes. Some days when it starts out not so good, I either wallow in my misery and I'm pissed off at the world. Or I open my eyes to the beauty around me by enjoying the simple things.

Most recently, meaning this past summer, I have discovered a new love. A simple love. I always thought it was the love of the beach. But this year we decided on vacationing at a lake. Keuka Lake to be specific. And while I was not happy because I would be missing the beach, I was blown away by my reaction to it. The lake took my breath away. It gave me such peace. I realized that my love isn't so much the beach vs. the lake. It's the water. The ebb and flow. Some days it can be calm much like ourselves or it can be crashing waves and tumultuous just like our lives. It truly represents the ebb and flows of life. And no matter how those ebb and flows come, they give me great peace. My love isn't beach or lake, it's being out in nature and experiencing the beauty of water. No matter what form that water comes, it provides a sense of peace. I can be on the beach all day, just sitting in a chair while the waves play at my feet, or I can be on the boat and be soothed by its rocking motion. In either scenario I'm either trying to absorb all the natural beauty of the water around me or I'm closing my eyes and being content with where I am. Water is my natural therapy. Being in or near water has such a calming effect and is my escape. Is my peace.

With all the chaos cancer has created in my life, I have finally found my peace. I truly believe we all have something that brings us peace. Don't hold yourself back from new experiences. I almost said no to something that gives me the peace and joy I crave. Being on the water, especially at the lake, is not like anything I have ever felt. It feels as though I found my home. It's my place.

The warrior in me is finally ready for some peace, and of course, it will keep rockin on!

So go and allow yourself new experiences because you just may find the peace you've been looking for.