Thursday, January 8, 2015



This is my mantra for 2015.

This represents stability and security. It's the year to focus more on body and health. To continue to grow professionally and financially.

It's the year to celebrate. Celebrate my place in this world. It's simple. It's straightforward. It represents all I have been through and it says it out loud and simply that 'I am Here'.

It says that even though it has already been a somewhat rocky beginning that 'I am Here'. I am here to experience the high and lows of life. It means I'm alive. I'm living. I'm breathing.

It's very empowering. It makes me feel so thankful to be alive. It means that no matter what life brings, 'I am Here' to experience as much of Life as I can.

I will have good times. I will have times of sadness. I will make mistakes and from those mistakes, I will learn and make better decisions.

This is just another step in my journey of 'embracing my new normal'.

So in closing, I take a deep breath, I lift my arms wide, I tilt my head back, I smile and say out loud...