Thursday, September 4, 2014

Back To Work

Well, its been almost two weeks since returning to work.  It's a different job from my previous one but it's still in the social work field. It feels like a fresh start, a new beginning. And I have to say I have been so happy waking up each day knowing that I am waking up to a career that I am genuinely going to enjoy!!!

The atmosphere in the office is so friendly and happy. It's so contagious and it's so nice to be greeted with a sincere smile. Everyone has been so welcoming and supportive that it doesn't make me dread going in. I actually am looking forward to each new day and what it offers.

One of the greatest things about my office environment are my co-workers/colleagues. They have made it such a friendly, welcoming atmosphere, which made returning back to work so less stressful. I honestly didn't know how my mind and body were going to acclimate to returning back to full-time work.  I know one factor is my love for what I will be doing and secondly, it's definitely the environment. My co-workers/colleagues are professional and respectful individuals who I enjoy seeing every day. 

It's a scary thing to be out of the workforce for three or fours years.  And knowing that at some point you need to return to work.  Having cancer doesn't have to all be negative, you can always find a positive even in the most dismal place.  I never was fully aware of the strengths within me and the battles that I would have to face due to cancer.  It has prepared me to fight for survival, whether it's regarding me physically or mentally. I feel as though if I could beat cancer and survive the complications and hardships of chemo and stem-cell transplant, that there isn't anything that I can't accomplish or be successful at. 

I feel so alive. I feel so happy. I feel a sense of completeness. This is a new beginning, a new journey and my 'new normal' that I am embracing fully!!!